Hello and welcome to The Jig Junkie, formally known as "Fish Junkie"

Jig Junkie is a small but premium outfitter for high quality tackle craft and custom baits at very reasonable prices. We live by the company motto "You're not going to find a better deal! If you do...BUY it!" If we can't beat the price of the high-end retailers, we simply don't sell it. We are in the business of supporting other junkies like ourselves and giving them the best possible price.

We're a group of disabled veterans who share a common passion for fishing and tackle craft. We specialize in bass jigs and the tackle craft/lure making products for which it supports. Our products include the infamous Shaky Head jigs, Flipping and Pitching Jigs, Drop Shot, and many others. We carry some of the best quality tackle craft products known in the world for making custom jigs that includes Pro-Tec powder coatings, Pro Tie Hole-in-One silicone skirts, high-end silicone material, 2D and 3D lure eyes and various components, and terminal tackle.

What is a jig junkie? A jig junkie is, as the name implies, an angler who has a behavioral addiction known as "fishing". They love it, crave the thrill of the hook set, and ever so looking to land the next hawg. The only known remedy for this addictive behavior is to fish as frequently as possible. Here at Jig Junkie, not only are we junkies ourselves, we support that remedy and the lure makers who provide for them. 

The creativity and products we carry are just as much influenced by you as they are by our past customers. If we don't carry or produce something you need, drop us a line and let us know what you need and perhaps if we get enough inquiries we'll add it to our inventory. Again, welcome to Jig Junkie.