3D Lure Eyes - Living Eyes


These eyes look so real, you would swear you were looking at the real thing.These are a rare find and ONLY available through Jig Junkie!!!  These will come in the following popular sizes: 5/32" (4mm); 3/16" (5mm); 1/4" (6mm); and 9/32" (7mm).  These pads are pre-cut by the manufacturer each size pad has a different quantity as indicated. Customers have asked for smaller quantities, so we have created three pad options (full, half and quarter size).  Eye quantity per pad and eye size will vary pad to pad depending on size. These three  dimensional eyes offer a realistic appearance to your bait or whatever your  application. Unlike our other eyes, these have limited adhesive backing and require the use of clear epoxy for the application. The epoxy application needs to be very light to avoid over application. Some tackle crafters apply a clear coat over the top to make the application more durable. These are  being under sold to give you the best possible price.