Silicone Skirt Tabs-Barbed Wire (8806 series)


These premium quality silicone tabs are 5.75 inches with 22 strands. It takes two tabs to make a skirt. These are sold in packages of 10 and 100 tabs.  Here at The Jig Junkie, we have a very large assortment of silicone skirt material in 12 styles consisting of over 150 different color and pattern options. Each offers a unique color choice to the tackle crafter in creating that special one-of-a-kind bait. With the number of options available, the sky is the limit to what you can create. To see an example of what you can create, check out our selections of Hole-in-One jig Skirts and Quick Change spinnerbait skirts.

The highly popular barbed wire patterns are a must for any tackle crafter creating jig skirts. We have selected 12 of the most sought after colors and patterns.

Chartreuse 8806-630

Clear Blue Illusion 8806-631

Blue Gill 8806-632

Natural Pumpkin 8806-633

Burnt Orange 8806-634

 Tequila Purple 8806-635

Deep Blue 8806-636

Pumpkin/Green 8806-637

Watermelon 8806-638

Avocado 8806-639

Peanut Butter & Jelly 8806-640

Hot Orange Crawdad 8806-641